When one considers the very elegant, contemporary designs and the very reasonable cost to the customer it is no wonder the self- assembly furniture market is booming! Year on year the demand for this furniture grows and so does the demand for more interesting designs and finishes.
Whether it be bedroom suites or lounge furniture. Relaxing garden furniture or stylish office furniture, it always looks fantastic on display in-store.
Often the customer likes the look of it but may be dissuaded from purchasing because of the thought of having to assemble it once it is home.

Why would the services of Flatpackers UK Ltd be beneficial to me as a retailer?
Ask yourself how many sales you maybe losing because of a customers understandable self doubt in recreating the piece of furniture they were so impressed with in store. Many potential customers are also put off by the hassle factor, or lack the DIY skills.
They just want to be able to enjoy the furniture.
Flatpackers UK Ltd is a new and ever expanding company that provides a quality service for the retailers of flat packed, self-assembly furniture. We are available to assemble your in-store displays as well as provide an on-going service to your customers in their own homes. In doing so we make life easier for the end user and improve sales for you the retailer.

  • Less returns of product due to damaged parts or component pieces missing or lost.
  • Less customer complaints because the assembly would have been carried out by an experienced professional.

We pride ourselves on being one of the very few independent companies that actually assembles furniture in the home for the end user, your customers.
If you would like to know more about how we can supply leaflets or business cards, to be dispensed in your store, how the cost of assembly can be added to the product retail price or would like to shedule an assembly for your store then please call or fax:

01784 477420.
You may find it more convenient to e-mail: